The Value of 3D CAD Modeling in Power Substation Design

3D CAD Modeling and 3D CAD Design enhances the design characteristics in many ways while providing several benefits. Design efficiencies are improved where traditional 2D drawing representations can be easily achieved from a completed 3D design versus manually drawing each 2D representation in CAD. Being able to view equipment, components, and systems in three dimensional space allows almost endless possibilities towards planning, implementation, construction, and manufacturing efforts, which is extremely important in the electric power industry. 3D CAD Design and Modeling is improving and aiding with power substation designs compared with 2D designs ….
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AEP Continues Its Efforts Into the Power of Augmented Reality (AR)


As AEP continues to roll out augmented reality (AR) within their distribution and transmission organizations, they are beginning to realize the benefits of this transformative technology.

AR allows AEP foresters to see what trees are impacted and pose risks under a variety of potential weather conditions against the backdrop of the real world. It also improves the ways AEP distribution engineering technicians interact with customers in the field by showing them how designed lines would look on their property. InĀ this live webinar, experts will discuss practical AR distribution and transmission applications and use cases being used at AEP to enhance interaction with customers, validate overhead and underground line designs, and mitigate clashes with structures.

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