The Importance of Electrical Construction Permit Inspections

The permit and inspection process is essential to ensure that codes, regulations, and safety are enforced to help prevent faulty or poor installations that could jeopardize human life. In most cases, engineering blueprint drawings are required to be submitted along with the permit request which must be sealed by a registered professional engineer (PE). Other permits with sealed drawing plans are required for each discipline, such as, architectural, civil, electrical, fire protection, mechanical, plumbing, structural, etc.
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Progressive Engineer Is A Good Resource For Engineering Articles, Resources and More


Progressive Engineer is an online magazine and information source covering all disciplines of engineering including Electrical Engineering. We show the fun in engineering and the cool jobs engineers have, all while promoting sustainability in the profession.

You can also locate consulting engineers and engineering firms by using their Engineering Firm Directory with its searchable database.


Cybersecurity Considerations for Power Substation SCADA Systems Using IEC-61850 Communications

When including security controls into a SCADA system design, it is sometimes difficult to separate design
goals from security requirements. The foremost goal for a SCADA system is to provide protection,
automation, and data acquisition. This paper discusses major
vulnerabilities and cybersecurity considerations that require proper analysis when designing and
implementing a secure IEC-61850 standard-based SCADA system within a power substation. 
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Securing Legacy SCADA Systems Against Cyber Threats


There are numerous cyber threats and vulnerabilities announced almost daily with warnings across this country directed at our energy and critical infrastructure sectors from various organizations, such as: FBI, DHS, NSA, DOD, DOE, FERC, NERC, CISA, USCYBERCOM, and many more… These warnings have been directed specifically towards the power utility sector as being very vulnerable towards future cyber threats.

For the electric power industry and other service sectors, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) has performed a crucial role by allowing better decision making through operating, controlling, monitoring and maintaining critical control systems.
With Smart Grid (SG) and Distributed Generation (DG) gaining more popularity results in more 3rd party stakeholders demanding access to utilities’ SCADA system. Some utility SCADA systems are older legacy systems that are in dire need of replacing in order to have:  a more secure system, access to the latest vendor security patch updates, and to allow for better functionality, etc.
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One Utility That Implemented Smart Grid to Improve Electric Reliability and Much More

Electric power has evolved from a simple need to a major necessity. Everyday we rely more and more on electricity to do just about everything. When the lights go out, its not just a major inconvenience, but a catastrophe in some cases. A major focus for power distribution utilities is to deliver reliable power to its customers safely and at the lowest possible cost.
Newer state-of-the-art, digital devices are making it possible to achieve near perfect power reliability while offering more monitoring and control functionality of electric grids. Smarter grids are evolving with improved and faster automation systems, working in harmony with: IEDsSCADAFLISRAMIAMRDMS, EMS, OMS, etc.

Chattanooga Electric Power Board (EPB) is one utility that has led the way in this effort.

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