The CHIPS and Science Act Will Increase Demand for Engineers


By EE Times / Design Lines:

“The $52 billion spending plan outlined in the CHIPS and Science Act that has been signed into law has significant implications for the semiconductor ecosystem—from chip manufacturers to engineers and production teams.

EE Times asked two design engineers to weigh in on the implications of the Act for engineers in the U.S., in the short and long term. Will it simply help return the design engineering process to status quo pre-2020? Or are there greater changes afoot that will drive a significant shakeup of the semiconductor design and manufacturing process? The answer lies somewhere in between.”

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Westinghouse Will Be Purchased for $7.9 Billion


By Reuters:

Westinghouse is being purchased by two entities: “Cameco Corp (CCO.TO) and Brookfield Renewable Partners said on Tuesday they would acquire nuclear power plant equipment maker Westinghouse Electric in a $7.9-billion deal including debt, amid renewed interest in nuclear energy.

The deal for one of the most storied names in the American power industry at an equity value of $4.5 billion comes at a time when nuclear power is seeing an uptick in interest amid an energy crisis in Europe and soaring crude oil and natural gas prices.”

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Direct Satellite-to-Mobile Services Emerge


By EETimes / Design Lines: “In just over 12 months, direct satellite-to-mobile communications have morphed from being a Sci-Fi pipe dream to a real-world prospect.

Apple and T-Mobile are separately rolling out schemes with Globalstar and SpaceX, respectively, to enable customers to connect to signals delivered from space. Amazon is preparing for multiple launches of its low earth orbit (LEO) Project Kuiper satellite constellation.

Startups such as AST SpaceMobile and Lynx Global have signed satellite-to-cellphone deals with multiple mobile network operators (MNOs) across the world—even before the official launch of spacecraft that will enable these services.

Google, meanwhile, is working on its own software project that will speed up communications between terrestrial networks and satellites in orbit. In September, Google spun out a startup called Aalyria to work on network orchestration software that connects systems on the ground with those deployed on planes and in space.”

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Honda and LG Energy Joint Venture for New EV Plant in Ohio


By Utility Dive: “Honda and battery maker LG Energy Solution picked Fayette County, Ohio, as the site of their planned battery plant to support Honda and Acura electric vehicle production, the companies announced Tuesday.

The companies will initially commit to investing $3.5 billion in the facility but project total investment to reach $4.4 billion, according to the release. Construction is slated to begin in early 2023, in an effort to mass produce lithium-ion batteries by the end of 2025.

The investment is part of a joint venture with LG Energy Solution, which is pending regulatory approval. Honda partnered with the battery maker after announcing in April it was looking to establish a battery plant near a planned EV production line in North America.”

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