Chattanooga’s Electric Power Board (EPB) Is Leading the Charge in Quantum Networking!

From (EPB-Quantum-Network)

By – EPB and other partners are collaborating to provide the first quantum technology networking system operating on a commercial platform. EPB is partnering with quantum hardware entities such as Qubitekk and Qunnect to deliver “the nation’s first commercially available quantum network,” known as the “EPB Quantum Network.”

EPB’s Quantum Network will pave the way for better commercialized communications between advanced systems and AI driven technologies, offering more reliable communications, higher transmission rates, better data encryption, and much more…

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TVA Is Better Prepared by Running Their Natural Gas Units During This Artic Blast!


Chattanooga Times Free Press – Since the year end of 2022, Winter Storm Elliott buckled TVA’s Power Grid forcing them to cycle temporary power blackouts across the Tennessee Valley Region. The region has not seen rolling blackouts by TVA since “its 90-year history.” After experiencing these power shortages, TVA has had over a year to prepare for another frigid winter artic blast like the one that is challenging the region now by average temperatures dropping as low as the teens and the wind chill into the single digits.

TVA is better prepared this winter with recent generation upgrades and improvement projects, including running several natural gas units as peak shavers during this artic blast.
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Bosch Thermostats Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!


From FoxNews – Smart thermostats have increased over the last decade as a residential internet of things (IoT) device with Wi-Fi enabled connectivity to home networks. Many home IoT devices have been exposed to cyber threats and vulnerabilities where the Bosch thermostats are the latest to be affected. This issue affected the Bosch thermostats “could allow hackers to access and manipulate the thermostat’s settings or even install malicious software.”

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EV’s Not Able to Charge During Frigid Temperatures!

NPR News-Nam Y. Huh/AP

From NPR News – Due to the arctic blast and frigid temperatures well below zero degrees, many electric vehicles (EV’s) were sadly affected. Since the frigid temperatures in the northern part of the U.S. reached levels below the EV’s normal operating temperature ranges for their batteries, the vehicles could not be re-charged or maintain a constant charge. This presented major obstacles for many Tesla owners in Chicago along with longer than expected lines for Supercharger stations.

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