Basic of Designing Power Substations

Power substations are the most integral part of a power utilities’ electric system. Substations make up the various electric systems – power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Power substations consist of power transformers, voltage/potential transformers, current transformers, electrical bus, foundations/structures, circuit breakers, switches, outdoor cabinets, control house, fencing, etc.
Many design aspects and processes go into engineering and designing a power substation from the ground up. This discusses the basic steps performed in planning and implementing a new substation.
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Solar Power and Battery Storage Efficiencies Continue to Improve


The Solar Power and Battery Storage Industry continues to improve with greater efficiencies and lower costs mainly from better manufacturing practices of using newer silicon type materials. Management of these renewable systems are also adding enhanced productivity and control from advanced software solutions.


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The Chattanooga Engineers Club (CEC)

Chattanooga Engineers Club

The Chattanooga Engineers Club (CEC) was established to promote the exchange of ideas and to learn about current developments and trends in science engineering and technology.  The decades since our founding 
have brought many new and better paths of communication–this web site as just one illustration! 

Throughout 2017 the Executive team has wrestled with the question of how to preserve our heritage but also stay relevant to the times.  Our present view of the value we can bring in our community centers on the following:

1.  Engage MS & HS students to consider Engineering careersthrough STEM activities, by connecting with school guidance counselors, and facilitating business open-houses or internships.

2.  Offer members Professional Development Hours (PDH’s) through speakers and presentations.

Expose engineers to work places, innovation centers, educational institutions, etc. by holding Tours.

4.  Advise/consult/interact professionally by building relationships that find synergy.